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Couriers In Gurgaon?

Commercial ventures looking for courier services in Gurgaon will benefit from the ease of use that Parcelfly’s web site offers.

Gurgaon was a small farming village which lived under the shadow of Delhi. As it began to evolve into a satellite city of Delhi, IT and manufacturing industries began to relocate to Gurgaon. With the Delhi international Airport close by, it is easy to send products and packages to any place in the world. 



In order to streamline the way people send and receive parcels, a couple of friends decided to set up Parcelfly.

Parcelfly helps you save time and energy. After all who wants to waste time at traffic signals or talk to chatty courier executives? Instead, log on to the website and enter the details. Parcelfly will give you a list of local courier agents with competitive quotations.

Once you choose the company you prefer, give them a call and the company will send an agent to pick up the parcel. Not only do you avoid irritating calls, you don’t even step out of your home. With just one click, your precious cargo is on its way.

Now let’s get back to what you were doing.

1. Enter the Collection and Delivery addresses of your parcel in the form above.

2. Then wait for all the courier companies in your local area to email you NO OBLIGATION quotes.

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